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Specialty Fasteners

  • Our team of professionals will work with your company to ensure your exact needs and specifications are met. Whether low volume or high volume, we offer quick turnaround and competitive pricing.
  • While we also distribute standard fasteners, our specialty is to fulfill your non-standard requests, including non-standard thread sizes, extra-large and extra-long sizes.
  • The manufacturing processes we use to make standard products are ideally suited to the production of specialty custom fasteners.
  • Through our extensive knowledge and experience, we can recommend a fastener that does exactly what your application requires
  • Quality assurance through diagnostic yield tests. We provide material verification through an accredited lab. This ensures strength and integrity of the finished product and is available for a minimal charge.
  • Sizes range from 10/32 to 5-4 internal thread
  • Length ranges from 1"-14"
  • Grades: 2,5,8
  • Material: Stainless, steel, brass and aluminum
  • Finish: Plain, plated, galvanized, waxed and dyed
  • Ability to oversize thread for galvanized applications
  • Certified material where required

FASThread Nut

Coupling Nut is excited to introduce the FASThread Nut.
It is the first industry grade nut that eliminates problems associated with damaged, rusted or bent thread.

Our newly patented FASThread Nut is designed to succeed where regular threaded connections won’t.

How does FASThread work?

  • It is made up of segments that are able to expand and contract as the nut moves along the rod. Simply push, twist, and tighten.
    • You can slide it on or thread it on
    • Perfect connection every time
    • Increased thread engagement

What are the benefits of FASThread?

  • On damaged bolts, traditional nuts stop or become cross threaded. FASThread technology allows the nut to slide over threads in one pushing motion. No aligning, no threading. It works over damaged, rusty, or bent threads.
    • Saves time and $$
    • Eliminates cross threading
    • No aligning for FAST installation
    • Added strength
    • Removable over damaged threads

FASThread nuts are available in various sizes to meet your application needs.

Proof Load and Tensile Strength Requirements

Grade 2 Size Proof Load lb Tensile Strength Min, lb
3/8" – 16 4250 5750
1/2" – 13 7800 10500
5/8" – 11 12400 16700
3/4" – 10 18400 24700
1" – 8 20000 36400

In test results comparing Grade 2 to Grade 5 for Proof Load and Tensile Strength requirements, FASThread meets and exceeds all Grade 2 strength requirements.

Technical information is substantiated by 3rd Party test laboratory. SAE Standard Requirements report.

We welcome the opportunity to quote your customer fastener applications.


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